Care and Returns

Anti-Social Athletes Club

Care and Returns

How to care for your kit...

We dont want to teach you how to suck eggs but...

Wash at 30 - Keep your darks dark and your colours bright. 

Dont tumble dry - Tumble dryers are crap for the enviroment and they discolour, shrink and bobble your garms. 

Iron inside out - We use high quality inks, you dont want the ink stuck on your iron. Simple. 

Any press marks are form the ink curing process, they will go once washed. If you are super eager (just wear the damm top) run a steamy iron over them and all will be good. 


If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, the sizing is wrong or whatever.

Please return it in a fit state, within 14 days of delivery to..

Anti-Social Athletes Club
Room G66, Repton House
Bretby Business Park, Ashby Rd,
DE15 0YZ

Leave a little note, with information on your return or exhange and we will process it asap. 

Stay Reckless AF ....but not with your washing, be gentle.